Mayan Mystery Solved?

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One of history’s greatest mysteries is what happened to the Mayans. Around 900 A.D. a once great civilization was just abandoned leaving behind incredible temples, cities, and few clues as to what happened. It may now be solved.

The Mayans were an advanced people with knowledge far ahead of their time. The ability to construct the massive pyramids and temples they left behind tells us that. This being the case, they also probably had medical knowledge far ahead of their time. It seems that they discovered something unusual was making their people sick. They realized that their people were spreading this disease around from person to person and city to city. Out of their population of 100,000, 14 people caught the disease and two very old people died. Also being excellent mathematicians, they calculated that they might lose 150 of their elders if everyone got this mystery disease.

So they decided to stop the spread by calling everyone in from the fields, to stop all work in the cities, and ordered everyone to stay in their adobe huts until further notice. The people obediently followed orders and no one did anything for weeks and months on end. Unfortunately for them, when they finally decided to come out of hiding, the crops had died from neglect and could not be brought back. With not enough to eat the workers couldn’t work, the builders couldn’t build, and the people began to starve. Their proud civilization slowly collapsed around them and those that survived were forced to flee and look for other places to live. All that is left behind are their stone structures.

An amazing hypothesis….they did it to themselves.