Let’s just all agree that we have had a few of those times in our lives when a familiar name, a fact, or for that matter, the reason we walked into a particular room just totally escaped us. Brain lock, senior moment, call it whatever you like we’ve all had them. Unfortunately for him, Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry had one of those moments on national TV in a presidential debate. The pundits, comedians, and the press are jumping all over this in full force.

According to them “his campaign is over.” “He’s not a serious candidate.” No one from Texas could possibly be intelligent. Regardless of the likelihood of his getting the Republican nomination, I would like to offer 10 possible replies for Mr. Perry for future questions regarding his “brain cramp:”

“Yes, I definitely could not remember the third government program I wanted to cut however….

1. “…..I never claimed to have visited 57 states.”

2. “….I never tried to walk into the White House through a window, thinking it was a door.”

3. “….I never referred to a posthumous Medal of Honor winner as still alive.”

4. “….I never wondered at a press conference what the “Austrian” word is for “wheeling and dealing.” (There is no “Austrian” language).”

5. “….I never said “10,000 people died and a town was destroyed” by a tornado when there were actually a total of 12 fatalities.”

6. “….I never said on national TV that I bowled like I was in the “Special Olympics.”

7. “….I never signed the guest book at Westminster Abbey as “May 24, 2008″ when it was actually 2011.”

8. “….I never gave the Queen of a foreign country a set of 25 unusable DVD’s as a gift.”

9. … I never pronounced the word “corpsman” as corpse-man (with the “p”).”

10. “….I do not require two teleprompters to speak to a roomful of grade school children for ten minutes (not a joke).”

One or two of these responses would surely liven up an interview on one of the government media outlets, don’t ya’ think?


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